Trout Fishing Techniques - The Mini Jig

by Lee S. McPherron

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Jig head and tubular plastic bodyMini jigs are an effective, if less popular, technique for trout fishing. Small plastic bodies fished on ultra light jig heads as light as 1/80 of an ounce are being used to catch trophy trout. These are effective in when used in spring creeks, beaver ponds, urban lakes, and mountain lakes. They can also be used to fish big river pocket waters. Fishing with mini jigs is not new to the world of trout fishing but recent advances in techniques and creative new offerings from the manufacturers have made mini jigs better than ever.

Manufacturers are offering jigs in hot new colors that trout find hard to resist. On bright days, a rainbow sparkle color is good. Mini jigs the color of motor oil will work to probe the depths of the deeper water. For urban lakes a good pattern is yellow flaked with pearl highlights. Tackle selection for fishing mini jigs is crucial to your success. Most anglers select a 7 foot e-glass rod for maximum tip action. It is important to have a rod that manufactured of light graphite that will impart a good action to any size of mini jig.

For most fishing such as local lakes or mountain lakes these lures can be fished most effectively with only a 2 pound line. Move up to a 4 pound line when fishing bigger faster rivers as the heavier line will stand up to the snags and around rocks. Fish the mini by allowing it to rise and fall while being retrieved. Most of the trout will hit the jig on the fall so watch carefully for a movement of the rod tip or line. Be prepared to set the hook if the line jumps to the side.

Once the jig hits the bottom, start a slow retrieve pausing to let the jig settle a couple of feet before continuing the retrieve. The strike will usually come on the fall but aggressive trout will chase the lure right out of the water.

Mini jigs can be a very productive trout fishing techinque.

Lee McPherron has been fishing the Colorado lakes and streams for 40 years and has some great tips for trout fishermen.

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